Stablecoins, Money Laundering, And Other Catastrophes

Stablecoins, Money Laundering, And Other Catastrophes

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New from The Rage: Congressmen Introduce Blockchain Integrity Act, Suggest Two Year Mixer Ban

Also new from The Rage: Mixer-Ban Rep Received Money From FTX Associates, Has No Concerns Over Aid For Ukraine

Silent payments are fucking coming

Supertestnet builds decentralized coinjoins ecash PWA is released

utreexo is out in beta bringing nodes to all the things |

Lightning Labs sets priorities

The Blue Matt also sets priorities

AgoraDesk is shutting down

US Treasury Cyber Crime Advisor shares concerns over self-custody dev arrests

Lummis & Wyden are concerned over DOJ self-custody argumentation

Reason speaks out on Samourai

Watchman Privacy is back with an episode on Samourai

Nasdaq Financial Crime Report finds TradFi still doing money laundering (to the tune of more than $3 Trillion in 2023)

Extremely surprising report finds stablecoins lack real transaction volume

Swan Bitcoin wants to speculatively attack the Dollar with US Treasuries

Dominic Frisby has seven good reasons for anonymity on the internet

KYC is a really good idea because banks are super good at taking care of your data

The UK is also really good at taking care of data

Crime will be solved soon because more surveillance is coming

Telegram still knows everything about you