Journalism Is A Crime, And Other Pinnacles Of Democracy

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Journalism Is A Crime, And Other Pinnacles Of Democracy

New from The Rage: Don't believe everything you read on the Internet

Also new from The Rage: UK-govt funded Think Tank cracks down on FATF AML

Obviously the news of the week: Julian Assange is free, but pleads guilty to espionage

Full plea agreement

The WaPo does espionage disclosing contents of DOJ emails

How Bob Woodward made a career of espionage (and a profitable Masterclass)

Assange says he is guilty of committing journalism

In case you want to read up on the treatment of journalists in the greatest democracy of all time

Assange banned from FOI requests, but you are not

Assange jet paid for with Bitcoin

Still worth reading

More evidence that KYC has been the best idea of all times

I mean

Greatest democracy in the world bans talking about dead people

More good news for free speech in the greatest you know where this goes

Small country with questionable human rights history wants to deport people for insta likes

Fun soon also to be banned

Someone get Peter Thiel a wet wipe

Coinbase is pissed at SEC


Another govt bro astroturfs on freedom money

ok, thanks?

Great outlooks for EU with another term of Censursula

If you'll just look into the Orb real quick


What he says


Hungary brings chat control back again

also lol


Kenyans set parliament on fire of tax bill

That's right bitches

More evidence that the world would be a better place without ID requirements for banks

Must read on Bitcoin in Palestine

New Bitcoin book dropped

New Samourai Wallet case breakdown


Coinjoin coordinator explorer dropped

Mutiny gets rekt over DNS

Fuck yeah

P2P events for Nostr

Burak makes Brollups V2

Supertestnet launches script workshop

Also Interesting

New BIPs dropped