Coinjoin Coordinator Special: We Are So Back

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Coinjoin Coordinator Special: We Are So Back

New from The Rage: Wasabi Wallet Launches UI Coordinator Selection

Ginger Wallet launches Wasabi fork with built-in coordinator

Ginger Wallet makes first coinjoin

Old but helpful 01: discover coordinators on BTCPay Server

Old but helpful 02: how coordinator discovery works via Nostr

Archived but interesting: broadcasting coordinators to Nostr

Bitcoin backed USD ecash stable channel demo

Mutiny launches ecash desktop wallet

CakeWallet releases Silent Payments

TPB and Stacie talk about privacy

Zulu Network (whatever that is) announces open-sourced ZKP Verify Code Implementation using Bitcoin script

Apparently someone wants to trademark the term ZK (in case anyone is reminded of the Rust trademark debate)

Oh hey we know this

CashApp may get ready to Zap

House passes anti-CBDC act (but at least we still have Tether)

Leo says half of btc UTXOs are spam

GreenPeace has an existential crisis

Cato says FinCEN's surveillance is no good

Matt Sigel finds surveillance in FIT21

Belgium has great chat control proposals

Nick Anthony and Naomi Brockwell explain financial surveillance in reason

KYC is still out of control in Nigeria

FBI should be arrested by the cringe police

lol, but also yes

Bonus: Saylor Swift sticker pack (also featuring Elizabeth Saylor)