LLC And Developer Doxxing, The Coinbase PAC, More CoinJoin News

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LLC And Developer Doxxing, The Coinbase PAC, More CoinJoin News

New from The Rage: The Corporate Transparency Act is a slow-roll attack on financial privacy for ordinary people

OpenCoordinator is launched

FreeSabi is launched keeping track of WabiSabi coordinators

Ginger Wallet is ready for download

Burak launches ArkV2

Reminder that Samourai backend & java projects are available as archives

OKX bids against istelf

Business Insider doxxes Fiatjaf

Robinhood buys Bitstamp

Coinbase PAC may not be so invested in grassrootsyism

Telegram still knows everything about you

BugleNews compliance pride month goes into final round

OpenCash Association is launched

DNS Payment Instructions is assigned BIP353

Kukks launches DotNot, a C# Cashu library

Abubakar Nur Khalil launches Volt Wallet

Thread on Congress by Ron Hammond

Aaron Dewes announces new TOS for Nirivati to exclude AfD party members

Bonus: How to hack the SWIFT system by Phineas Fisher

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